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Chicago 2013
The first Midwest Collectors meeting was held in Chicago on Saturday, September 28, 2013, on board the Columbia Yacht Club's MV Abegweit.   Many area collectors were able to meet each other for the first time beneath the tent on the fantail of the former Nova Scotia icebreaking ferry built in 1947.  Others visiting from the east and west coasts and abroad also enjoyed the hospitality and sights of America's "Second City", which all agreed were second to none! 
MV Abegweit, site of the 2013 Chicago meeting. (Photo by Marty Trendel)
Friday's dinner on board MV Abegweit   (Photos by Harald Scheel)
SMSC Treasurer and co-organizer Bob Wiringa (L), with          Co-organizer Ric Fleming (R), with Paul Jacobs, Peter and
the Millers, Orzels and the Dick Wiringas.                               Jennifer Ewell.
Matti Brocher, Mary & Bill Werner, Mark Zolna and son.          (L-R) Kathy Stewart, Hjalmar Heinen, John & Jenny Olsen.
(L-R) Johanna Scheel, Kevin, Byron and Kathy Stewart.         Jennifer & Peter Ewell, Paul & Renee Jacobs, and Bill & Betty
                                                                                         Long, with Ric Fleming and john Olsen at the end of the table.
Saturday's Model Show  (Photos courtesy of Harald Scheel, Dan Muir, Marty Trendel and John Olsen)
Bob Wiringa arrived bright and early.                                     Setting up for Mark Zolna was a family affair.
MSM is ready to go!                                                                                        John Olsen unpacking.
Lucy Ulasewich and Ric Fleming                                              Doug and Sherry Miller
Ric Fleming with Dave & Linda Orzel                                       Bill Long at John Olsen's table.
Bill and Mary Werner of MSM make a sale to Dan Muir.            Lucy Ulasewich with a crowd of collectors including Paul Jacobs.
Doug Miller consults his database for Ric Fleming while Mark     Dan Muir and the Orzels enjoy a good story.
Zolna decides on a model.
Kevin Stewart discusses models with Matti Brocher.  Behind them are    Dave Orzel's new range of ironclad models.
Bob Wiringa and Harald Scheel.
Some of Mark Zolna's offerings, including his limited edition    Abegweit secured to her box.
model of our host ship, MV Abegweit.
Doug Miller had many old and beloved Superiors for sale.                           Paul Jacobs with SMY's new Albemarle.
Hjalmar Heinen shows off N-N-CAD's first models, which         Mark Zolna and son with some customers.
made their debut on Bill Werner's table.
Bob Wiringa explains his displays to Hjalmar Heinen:               US Coast Guard ships...
...ships on the Great Lakes...                                                   ...and the familiar "Lakers" 
Bob Wiringa, Kevin Stewart and Marty Trendel consult the       Jim Angelis (center) selects a model from MSM's range of
computer while an unidentified viaitor looks on.                      offerings.
Ric Fleming's WWII ID models attracted the attention of          Some of Ric's ID models.
Chicago collector Mike D'Alessandro and sons.
Dave Orzel and Doug Miller explain the art of ship model         ...and Doug helps Mike D'Alessandro's son launch his own
building and collecting...                                                       collection!
Jim Angelis, Peter Ewell, Bill Werner, Paul Jacobs and               Marty Trendel at the Orzel's table.
Hjalmar Heinen discuss the new N-N-CAD models.
Rhenania Jr (Matti Brocher) at the end of the day with            ...USS Lake Borgne, a WWI lake-built freighter lost off France
one model left...                                                                    in 1918.
Time to pack up.                                                                   Hjalmar Heinen discusses the new N-N-CAD venture with
                                                                                           SMSC members at the annual meeting.
The Chicago skyline from the Abegweit's upper deck.